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SihanoukVille, Cambodia. South-East Asia's Premier beach destination.

Cambodian beaches, islands, seafood, culture and hospitality.  It's all here.

SihanoukVille, named after King Sihamoni's Father, King Sihanouk, has grown from a sleepy Cambodian seaside town, into Cambodia's second biggest city.

Seaside at SihanoukVille's beaches

SihanoukVille is growing fast, construction everywhere, but has a long way to go still, SihanoukVille now features a handful of world class luxury beach resorts, island resorts and hotels.  It's also South-East Asia's newest cruise destination.

Winter, from the beginning of November until the end of February, is the best time of year here.  Not too hot, and perfect weather most days.  March 'till the end of June is a bit cloudy, hot, with some rain.  July 'till the end of October.... rain.

The airport has flights to Siem Reap (Angkor Wat), Phnom Penh, Malaysia, Vietnam and China. The golf courses haven't come yet, however, it's a great time to visit SihanoukVille.  The islands are just opening up to visitors. The town is growing very fast, so now is the great time to come visit SihanoukVille!

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SihanoukVille, Cambodia
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