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One Day - One Week
in SihanoukVille.

One Day Holiday in SihanoukVille.

Beach.   That's it.  If you're around for only one day and want to relax, around the pool or on the beach is your best bet.  You could also take a 2 person sailboat or kayak for a tour.  If you're in a resort, you may want to come downtown for dinner and to walk around in the evening.

One week holiday in SihanoukVille

  • Day 1 - Relax.  Beach or pool, with a seafood dinner at night.

  • Day 2 - Tour around town.  Mini Golf in the countryside, Hire a Tuk Tuk (a cart pulled by a motorcycle) and tour the beaches and downtown.  Dine downtown or on Beach Road off Serendipity Beach.

  • Day 3 - Take a boat trip to the islands.  BBQ on the island, and snorkeling.  Come back around 4:30pm.  Work out at the gym.  Get a massage at the spa.  Dinner at a restaurant from your home country.  Italy, Germany, France, Sweden and a hundred other foreign owned restaurants from about 40 different countries.  And Khmer Karaoke and disco at night.

  • Day 4 - Breakfast on the roof of the casino by the Golden Lions circle.  Win back your breakfast in the casino downstairs.  Have another beach day.  Dinner at The Snake House zoo and restaurant.

  • Day 5 - Go the central market in the morning and stock up on souvenirs.  Take a Tuk Tuk to visit the Wats (Buddhist Temples) at the top of SihanoukVille mountain and the Temple complex near Victory Beach.  Lunch at a different resort than you are staying at.   Explore the back roads.  Dinner at sunset on Treasure Island Beach.

  • Day 6 - Take a tour to Ream National Park, a boat trip in the mangrove forests, and stop by K'bal Chay waterfalls on your way back.  Buffet dinner around the pool.  Drinks on the beach at night.

  • Day 7 - Last day to get a tan and rest before continuing your travels.  Or you could spend the day on a boat, and underwater learning to Scuba Dive (or if you dive already, get in a few dives.)  Beach or Pool in the evening.

Don't forget to take your camera!




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